Rose McClelland

Rose mcclelland

Rose is an independent producer & founder of Little Triangle. After studying Psychology and Marketing at the University of Sydney, Rose began employment with ACMN Marketing & Advertising, where she coordinates digital marketing campaigns for global entertainment brands, primarily in the realms of Email Marketing & Social Media. 

While studying, Rose was heavily involved with The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble, initially as a performer and later as a producer, marketer, and President. Rose's extensive involvement with the University of Sydney Union in events and customer service saw her awarded with both a Union Blue and Life Membership. Independently, she has produced for The Sydney Fringe & volunteered for the New Theatre & Hayes Theatre Co. Rose has social media experience and The AU Review and has worked in several front-facing roles within Sydney Festival and Sydney Film Festival.

Rose looks forward to producing work that challenges audiences and performers alike in the hopes to expand, educate and diversify the Australian music theatre audience base, especially amongst young people.

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